Travel Blog 2015

(The start of my retirement)

My Asian Adventure Part 1

Summary: With the exception of the earthquake in Nepal and being robbed in Xi'an everything from leaving India up to my arrival in Thailand was perfect. The only other lows were the bus/train trip from Phonsavan in Laos to Ho Chi Minh City in Viet Nam and the stopover at Bangalore which wasn't a real inconvenience. As for Evanston, I had no options as there's not an airport there. Thailand was wonderful but I've been there before. Sri Lanka and The Maldives were basically destinations to finish the trip off and whilst I enjoyed both it's unlikely that I'll return to either. Funnily, apart from the actual experience, the one thing that stands out in my mind was the constant rain everywhere but if I will travel in monsoon season!

Thank you a million times over to Wikepedia for making everything so easy in providing so many links.

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