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The Central American Adventure

March 18th fly to Beirut and move on to Jounieh where I have a hotel preliminarily booked for five nights (I'll work something out for the other five nights when I'm there). 29th March fly to Dubai for a few days sightseeing and taking in the Meydan World Cup (the richest horse race in the world), and staying in a hotel in the middle of the city for a change. I return to Goa on the night of the 1st/2nd of April.

And my other plans for next year:

This seems to be altering on a daily basis dependant on the feasibility or otherwise of the journey, so instead of changing this blog every time my mind changes, I'll fill you in on the changes in my mind as and when they happen with the reasons.

Thank you a million times over to Wikepedia for making everything so easy in providing so many links.

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