The Present.

Having failed in my quest to be the next Bob Dylan or whoever, I stood to my promise to myself that if I didn't make it by the time I was fifty I'd give it all up. And true to my word, from that age until my official retirement at sixty-five I never performed live or wrote another song. Never stopped loving music though. Just appreciated it in different ways.

Nonethelees I have to admit that in the latter years I began to get the bug for songwriting again so kept little ditties in my head should I ever feel the urge to put pen to paper musically again. With this in mind I came to my own self compromise that I would consider my penance done at sixty-five and should I so wish, then be free to come out of musical retirement. This has resulted in several childrens educational songs, the first of which was Who Stole The Eagle From The Pantry. The text is not  supposed to be of any sense other than it teaching kids what a pope wears on his head or what a cleaver is. Ivor's Kite and Cheese On The Chandelier followed in quick succession but I'm afraid to say that my days of writing a dozen songs a week are behind me.

Since escaping from the rat race in December 2014 I've spent less than a month in Europe. My love for music continues though and on a recent trip to Indonesia I picked up a miniature guitar which keeps me occupied on those "oh so rainy" monsoon afternoons. In some respects my dream came true as I spend my time between six months in my home in Goa and the other six months of the year travelling the world. In a convoluted way it's kind've like being a rock star with all the travelling and staying in nice hotels and there's nothing in life that I really need that I can't just go out and buy.

Haven't made the officail re-entry to the live forum yet but I'm sure it's only a matter of time.

See you when it happens.