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Mother Theresa

I was sittin' reading the paper
An' it made me kinda sad
An old lady in hospital
It said that she was pretty bad

Even though I never knew her
An' I guess I never will
There's something about her
That gives me a kind of comforting chill

When I hear about the things she's said and done
An' she's faced it all with pride
When those things were thrown straight back at her
She turned her cheek to face the other side

We all know that the world is so full
Of murderers, crooks and disease
While others scorned or merely looked with blind eyes
She took their hands as she fell down to her knees

And prayed most dearly to the lord up above
Oh mother, you're two of a kind
We know you never married
He must have waited for you all of this time

But now I hear him. He's calling you
But you ain' ready yet
If he's waited for two thousand years
I guess another ten won't hurt

So now there's just one thing that remains to be done
Beats me why it ain't been done yet
Why wait until she's dead? Let's do it now.
Let's canonize her. Let's make her a saint.

Mother Theresa sadly died on the 5th of September 1997
(the eve of the funeral of Diana Princess of Wales).