Musical Instrument Digital Interface.

This is a standard that was first introduced for musical instruments some time ago. Before it a musician would make electronic music with orchestrated backing etc on their Product X keyboard which was fine. The problem was though that when the same signal was played through a different keyboard the strings became drums and the bass became brass, and in general all you heard was an unholy racket.

Obviously there was a need to standardize the sounds which is where MIDI comes in. These days any MIDI music played through any MIDI instrument will sound basically the same on them all. Most computer soundcards are MIDI compatible too, and whilst the sound that comes from them (especially on the cheaper models) may leave room for improvement, at least what your hearing now is basically what I want you to hear. If you can't hear music now your need adjusting so. As technology moves so fast these days, sooner than me telling you how to change the settings it's probably better advise you here to check the "help" on your computer.

If your computer is configured properly you should now be listening to the MIDI backing to
"Trick Of The Mind"