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Trick Of The Mind

The strip lights have faded, the night girls get down to work
There's a flash in the corner as a punter lights a cigarette
In the heat of the evening my eardrums explode with the sound
Of a melody I recognise from a movie, or moment long ago
Or maybe it's just a trick of the mind.

I was half drunk on life and the other on drinks we'd drank
And travelling, talking and doin' things I'd never done before
Everyone knows you don't have to be plain straight of stoned
There's a thin white line in between that I've been balancing on for twenty years
Even blind men can see without thinking I'm not alone.

I don't know how but we made it home that night
Sat in a back room with Dorothy and Pamela
The landlord came in. He was offering drinks all around
The night was still young but I wanted to sleep so I led Destiny away
But she turned back the clock and a new day was found.

For a moment I faltered but she picked me up again
Took me to levels that I never knew were there.
But the words like my actions were failing. Was it all real?
A dog barked. I opened my eyes and she was still there, right by my side
Giving all that she had in the only way that she knew how.

I gazed at the stars as the moon kissed her naked back
What could I say or do I was in paradise
Then turning, Fate and Good Fortune they were headed my way
Stretching to reach for the door I was met by a girl in a flowing red gown
Who was offering me oysters and wine. Oh how could I ever turn her away?

As dawn broke and light came the night girls finished up their work
There was a flash in the corner as one lit a cigarette
In the chill of the morning my eardrums explode with the sound
Of the silence, as I'm left alone in the room where so many have been before
Or maybe, maybe, maybe it's just a trick of the mind.