The Books


The first of a trilogy of the travels and exploits of yours truly. The particular content of this dealt with my world trip of 1986 which remained, until recent years when I decided to dedicate all my spare time to travelling, one of the highlights of my life. Despite being a published author I've never claimed to be a writer of novels as such I think it's still worth a read if only for the introduction.

The Other Side Of Kwai

Part two which covers my first trip to and my antics therein. Following a three day stop-over in in Thailand back in 1986 I always vowed to go back to see it proper. It wasn't until the best part of thirty years later that I was to take a proper holiday there, though I did end up there afterescaping from an aborted trip to Viet-Nam Now that's a country I should have written a book about . There are splatterings of  my revisits in my travel blog section. As with Thailand I love the place and have to date visited it several times. But Thailand's not all about the late night activities that it's famed for. Phuket in the South remains one of my favourite destinations in the world. There is so much to see and do in the area, from visits to neighbouring Phe Phe Lei or James Bond Island (named as such because the closing scenes of The Man With The Golden Gun were filmed there). Or snorkeling and beach activities to simply absorbing the sheer beauty of the country. And of course, if you go in season the weather is guaranteed. As for The Other Side of Kwai, like Comeback, it also has an offbeat introduction

South Across The Border

The escapades of your host for these pages in Brazil with the Great Train Robber Ronnie Biggs. I stayed as a house guest at his apartment in 1989, when along with Bob Starkey of the Australian band the Sky Hooks we got up to no good at all. But it really was great fun. Thanks for being a great host Ron.

Well that trio of readings and writing over a thousand songs took me up to the end of the last millennium at which point I decided enough was enough. But the itch to do it all again became too much to scratch a decade later though so I put pen to paper......again and wrote:


Unlike anything I'd ever written before outside the sphere of music, this was a serious attempt at producing something that was going to be commercially successful. Sex and drugs and rock'n'roll. It's all here. And a true story to boot. Just follow the link on the left.