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V C Drinker

We lined on the parade ground
T' get our medals that we won in the war
An' hear the captain say "you won't fight no more.
You fought your fight an' you done what's right
An' helped to make the enemy fall"

At my turn, I took one step forward
He shook my hand an he pinned it to my chest
It was pretty much the same as all the rest
But a medal's no good if you die in the dust
You can't clean it up no more

The sun burnt down on my neck
Every minute seemed like hours an' it caused me real pain
But I knew it would be worth it just to hear what they'd say
About Corporal Jones, a very good friend of mine

He took some bottles to the trenches
An' got so pissed that he went out of his mind
An' took on the enemy with the empties an' the cans
And the ones not knocked senseless ran as fast as they could run

They called out his rank and number
And pinned on his chest a victoria cross
An' said "congratulations, you saved the loss
Of a thousand good men, who all owe you their lives".

Six-hundred, soldiers cheered him
An' he got his name on the daily front page
Just because he got drunk, an' the enemy ran away
But now he laughs an' boasts, he took 'em for a ride

That's right, he did it, yeh he took 'em for a ride
'bout time, someone done it, yeh took 'em for a ride
T' think if the boys back in the camp had known back then what I know
now they probably would've used him for target practice

Either that or they would've cheered a damn sight louder
That's right, he did it, Yeh he took 'em for a ride.
'bout time someone did it, yeh took em for a ride.
It was him.