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Twenty-Four Hours

Twenty-four hours, the clouds have passed again.
But a ray of sunlight peeks through
Every time I hear the telephone ring.
Twenty-four hours, an' I can throw away these faded jeans.
Put on a new suit. Watch this nightmare turn into a beautiful dream.
It seems like a lifetime since my eyes have focused straight.
Every time I lay on top of her all I can see is your face.
Your perfume's all that I can smell.
All I feel is when you pull close to me.
In just twenty-four hours, we'll go from this hell to love eternally.

Twenty-four hours. It's too late now to lie.
If I was gonna tell her at all, I should have told her before she arrived.
Twenty-four hours, and this will all be said and done.
She'll fly off to another country like a nightingale when the winter time comes.
I'm not your average Jack the Lad so please wait for just one more day.
In any case how was I to know we'd fall in love on our very first date.
It's you I really want and deep down I know you really want me.
In just twenty-four hours we'll go from this hell to love eternally.

But I don't have to ask, I know you understand.
And it makes me realise, you've got one hell of a grateful man.
I'll make it up to you, I swear, you know it's true.
In twenty-four hours, when I come home at last again to you.

Twenty-four hours, and she made the local news.
A foreign girl had taken her life. Why she did it nobody knew.
Twenty-four hours, and now she's gone.
She must have finally realised from the feeling that I put into the words of your song.
I know deep down inside, all she wanted was a piece of my heart.
But just because somebody loves you, you shouldn't have to answer to their every demand.
From the frying pan into the fire, it seems that bad luck always follows me.
In just twenty-four hours she went from hell to peace eternally.