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The Prince and Lady Midnight

The prince grew up. The king fell down.
The knights and bishops were all standing around.
The queen left the throne and handed the crown
To her son who was waiting.

He said "I pledge allegiance to my country and all
My subjects who through thick and thin remain loyal.
I give my life to all who stand beside me
But most of all I love thee".

Through distant lands he travelled high and wide.
Cherished the days when she was by his side.
Though she knew that she could never ever be his bride
She still took his love without question.

But some time later all his love grew inside
Her waif like body. She could no longer hide.
She was forced to give away her unborn child.
Though she carried it she never seen it.

The years passed by and nothing really changed.
If he had his life over he'd probably do it all again.
So often destiny's in someone else's hands
But you don't know 'til your older.

He finally died a lonely broken man.
She crept in through the back door and stroked the cold hand
Then left as she'd left, so many times before
After midnight.