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That's All

Well it was Saturday night an' I thought I'd do the rounds
Cos it's so long since I bin out
I bin wond'rin what's bin happening
Wan'ed t' meet the boys, do the town
Drink a dozen beers, shoot morphine up my arm
An' tell the milkman's daughter that I loved her
An' that's all
Cos there's not a damn thing else to do in this world
Cos it's all so dead
An' if it ain't dead already it's being killed, an' that's all.

Well I got me a cab an' I didn't pay the bill
Run as fast as hell, pursued by a red faced driver
Screamin' "one way or another you're gonna pay.
I'm gonna get your guts, you know I'm gonna hang 'em on my wall
An' that's all".
But why the hell should I pay him?
He always overcharges,
An' makes a fortune out of poor folks like me
An' that's all.

Well I went into the first bar an' I sat right down
By a girl like the sunset,
An' she pulled her skirt up way so high,
Way past her stocking tops.
And it turned me on to such an extent that I laid her there and then.
And that's all
An' wouldn't it just be me luck to go an' get busted at the best part,
An' have to spend the night in the jug with the drunks and the queers
And that's all.

Well they let me out next morning and they read me charge.
It said "indecent exposure".
"We're letting you out on fifty dollars bail
An' if you're not in court on the first day of the month
You'll sacrifice the lot.
We know you only wanted a good time
But you're old enough to know you can't do it in a bar".
Seems no-one in this world gives a damn about anything you do anymore
Just as long as you don't make love in a bar.