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Sweet Berlinda (Only Drinks The Best)

The pictures on the movie screen
Are old again I've seen them all before.
The social comment, it's all been said.
Besides, no-one knows what to fight for anymore.

The priest he preaches his sermon every week,
An' tries to tell us what to believe in.
But the children of today vary from yesterday.
Prefer to idolise something they're seeing.

But Sweet Belinda she's got the right idea.
Has eyes only for beauty. Only music hits her ear.
She tastes from every tumbler and she only drinks the best.

Never listens to the radio.
Excepts life as it comes and goes.
She's pleased with what she's got.
Never asks for more.

The pound gets smaller from day to day.
Compared to the dollar in the hand.
Housewives complain " how can we pay our weekly bills"?
But Sweet Belinda doesn't give a damn.