A few shots of me doing what all true performers love.

(Be patient. They may take a few minutes to load up)

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It seems ironic that this was the biggest gig of my life and I'm damned if I can remember where it was. 


I think it may have been the Hollywood Festival.

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God, all that stuff they say about "if you remember the sixties you weren't there". Well I guess it carried on into the seventies for me too. Or maybe I wasn't anywhere.


One thing I do know is that it was one of those festivals that seemed to be every other week around that time. I was at 'em all though in one way or another so I guess that's one reason that my memory's gone.

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A more recent gig with a few friends. The guy on the right is Mike Lezala, co writer of Venezuela.

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Never mind the music. It's a great hat.


It's that man Mike Lezala (of Legend fame) again on the left.

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The geezer on the steel guitar is Delta McCloud who just for the record is a brilliant bottleneck player. He's the guy on I'm On Suicide.


Family shot of my nephew Mike and  me.

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I have no idea where this was though I have the feeling that (as with the above photo) I was playing to the camera.


Not many people have their first ever gig preserved on film for posterity. I have.

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Other pictures

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