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Society's Fist

Society's fist is clenched hard like a hammer
Holding the spear that will drive through us all.
While kids writing columns in underground papers
Are trying to say there must be a way
To find peace for all without striking one blow
And society stalls saying someone must fall
Before everyone's hands are held together.

The kids on the back streets who never done nothing.
Who ain't got the cheek to put the finger on you.
And wouldn't as much as to strike for no reason.
He's taken by hand. With a rifle he stands.
And told "write out your will, in case you get killed".
Though murder is banned, he can't understand
Why he's gotta kill other people.

The folk in high office armed with note pads and pencils.
They are the one's who decide we must go.
Though themselves they are too old to die for their country
Or fight for the cause to make the world a better place.
Or stand up for the people who gave them their posts
Where they are beyond the jeers of the throng
As they look down from the top of the ladder.