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Shoot To Kill

On the farm where we lived back then, mine was a sheltered life.
The school mistress blushed at the title peers had given her.
Is life that sacred that a girl's gotta learn the hard way?
If I knew back then what I've learnt in the time that's passed
Maybe I'd still be an innocent unbroken child.
But if no-one follows moonbeams who's gonna shoo them away?

Pictures of innocence. Christians at morning mass.
Saturday night, my head was in a rotten mess.
By the time that I hit the sack it must've been one or two.
That wasn't the trouble though, I'd done it many times before.
In fact it was par for the course.
After ten weeks together I agreed we should do what real lovers do.

Did you ever cry wolf, or were you the lamb at the slaughter?
Were you scared to admit, or prefer to ignore?
When you look at my body do you see a lady or whore?
Did you shoot to kill when you fired the last round?
Or was I in the wrong place at the wrong time?
Now I'm calling the shots. It's time to settle the score.

The railroad at Patrick's Cross, where many times we'd took the train.
Had closed up the doors that night, not to be rode again,
'Til the morning shift came with the early editions of news.
We skipped the wooden fence, slipped the safety catch,
Lay on seats numbered ten straight through to thirteen.
There was no luck for me that night. How about you.

Two years have passed since then,
Your visits have got fewer and farther between
Don't you love me, did you ever,
Or was it just a ploy on your part?
I'm sinking fast but I'm taking you down with me.
You know the reason. There's no point in asking.
Those same words I've put to you so many times before.