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The Proverbial Halter-Neck

It was on a proverbial night
And I went to the proverbial dance
I had a proverbial feeling there
That went down to my proverbial pants
All the proverbial ladies
Dressed up in their proverbial halter-neck clothes
Brought on that proverbial feeling and made my proverbial organ grow.

So I went to the proverbial bar
An' I drank some proverbial kegs.
And for each proverbial girl I seen
I had to cross my proverbial legs
'Til one proverbial halter-neck girl
Noticed my proverbial blush
And as easy as proverbial thinking
She gave it a proverbial touch.

I suggested a proverbial stroll
An' she answered a proverbial "yeh"
I said "I've got a proverbial pad down the road
An' we could lie on my proverbial bed.
So we put our proverbial coats on,
Hit down the proverbial road
An' we kissed an' we cuddled the proverbial way
'Til my hands couldn't take it no more

Well I touched her proverbial breast
Held up by just a proverbial tie
And I had the proverbial thought in my head
It was the time for a proverbial try
So I stroked her proverbial neck
And I pulled the proverbial string
And as easy as proverbial thinking
She let her proverbials swing

Oh I love the proverbial halter-neck
And I love the proverbial thought
If it wasn't so proverbially embarrassing
I'm damn sure I'd love it even more
I loved the proverbial night at the dance
And I loved the proverbial chick
I loved her proverbial come on
I loved her proverbial tit.