Page two of my favourite pic's.


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Hong Kong in the background. And a silhouette of yours truly.


Iguassu Falls.

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I didn't only hang out in Rio whilst in Brazil.


A recent pic.

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Santa Keats and Mrs Claus.


And you thought Santa's beard was real.

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Mrs Claus wasn't too pleased at getting wet.


The rest of us saw the funny side of it though.

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lusardi.jpg (19698 bytes)

Here's looking at you.


Everybody has a mother at some point...

mum.jpg (4165 bytes)'s mine.



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Sorry for the text but I haven't seen the girls in a while and it didn't seem right to put their tits all over the world without getting their permission. It was the only way I could think of blanking them out.


I didn't realise until I started scanning these shots that I've obviously got a thing about hats.

paris.jpg (24179 bytes)



Man, I don't believe I did that to my hair. And look at those damn lapels. The seventies have a lot to answer for.

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This iwas in two thousand and something with

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He dedicated Mr Nice to his son Patrick so now it's your turn Amber. Thanks for a great song

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