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From the age of her teens maybe not even that
Kim Lee worked at the oldest trade known to man.
She didn't like it, but what was she supposed to do?
It was the only way she knew how to eat.
She was a hungry girl.

For each five bucks she earned though, she saved four
Until she had enough put by to pay for her dream
With a tear in her eye she gave it all to the man
Was she happy? Was she sad?
She's find out real soon.

The sun goes down like a rainbow, so far away.

It don' matter what say or what you think
Just as long as you follow that deep gut instinct.
If you don't try today how the hell can tomorrow be better?
Take a stab at reality. I won't fight back.
All it takes is one shot.
If you don't try you're never gonna know?

Kim Lee picks up her thoughts in an old army bag.
Slips a kiss to the tailwind as she waves him "bye bye".
Sandy looks with indifference as his sister walks down the road
To a land so far distant that his eyes can't see.
But its not his eyes that are blind.

Kim Lee's mama died long ago, back in the war.
And her daddy was a g.i. on the good guys side.
Now all she's got is a photo nearly twenty years old
Of a private first class in full uniform.
Oh what a handsome man.

Kim Lee was locked in prison camp when she made it to Honk Kong
If it wasn't for the photograph she would've been sent back home.
But if there's a god in the sky he must've looked down on her that day
The camp warder was a sergeant in Viet Nam.
He recognised the face.

Four months later she touched down in New York.
Where she was met by the man in the photograph.
They stayed up talking deep into the dead of the night
About the woman Kim Lee had never known in her life.
They both wished they could have her again.

The sun goes down like a rainbow, so far away.

The sun goes down, but like a rainbow,
It doesn't always have to be so far away.