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Make Sure My Mother Goes First

Ain' it just a crime
The way the whole world seems upside down?
Just when you think you got your life planned
Something comes along. Spoils it all again.

My father wasn't old
Just a common cold.
The doctor he had said
Be sure he gets some rest
My mother found him dead.

Brother Robin John
Too young to know any wrong
He went to bed one night
Somebody turned out his light
Now he's gone too.

Steven's turn was next
His marriage failed the test
A bottle full of pills
He knew were sure to kill
His life failed the test.

If there's a lord up there in the sky
One last request now before I die
I'm not good Lord and I'm not bad
Besides, it's not for me that I ask.
My mother's pure right through, that you know.
And it's her who's suffered the most from these blows.
I've just got harder as time's gone by
And if she left me now I know somehow I'd survive.
But if I were to drop dead today
Tomorrow she'd follow me to the grave.
Please Lord don't make her suffer again,
Already you know that she's taken too much pain
So now I'm begging and I'm pleading for that last request
G When my time comes please be sure me mother goes first.