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Magic Carpet Ride

I was standing empty handed on the sidewalk
Gazing at the Pepsi cola sign
When a girl who was as pretty as the sunset
Barred my eyes and nearly blew my mind

Even though I didn't have my focus right
I thought that it would be worth a try
I said "hey there, d'you wanna see a miracle"?
Just turn your head towards the sky".

She said "a thousand different times I've seen that blanket,
But there's two different ways it can be seen
So if you'll wait for three laughs and a miracle
I'll tell my Ma I won't be home for tea.

I saw icebergs, concrete walls bleed, and Mount Everest.
And Captain Bligh, the pirate of the sea.
But before I had a chance to see the sky again
She was standing there in front of me.

"You'll have to ride side saddle on my magic carpet"
I said as she was swallowing her pride
She balanced sailing pillion in the sunset
With a laugh so wild she almost cried.

We floated through the ages of our heroes,
Columbus, Oscar Wilde to name a few.
Then we landed in the city of the silhouettes
And watched the forming of the morning dew.