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I Saw God

I was cruising down town just the other night.
With some friends and when I turned I could hardly believe eyes.
In the corner was the one called the messiah.
With no urgent desire to make myself look a fool
I said nothing, just acted cool.
But it drove me insane. I just had to tell someone.

Mike had been a good friend for a whole while or more
So I pointed his head to the seat by the door that was taken,
An' asked him what he was thinking.
He said "I recognise that face from a picture on the wall.
My folks found religion back in one of the wars.
In a prison camp, when they were given salvation".

I saw God.
In my rear view mirror. He was burning up the highway in his hot-rod machine,
But couldn't catch me.
I guess in heaven folks just take things real slow.
I saw God.
Some say he was carrying a message.
Tried to show me a sign but my foot was to the floor.
In mortal innocence I waved him bye-bye.
Or is it au revoir? Maybe I'll see him again.

I saw God.
He was washing up the dishes on a Sunday afternoon.
He said "I've never engaged in this kind of work before.
I think I'd be much better making wine or sharing fishes.
And Mary said "that's enough.
In this house everybody does their share.
Don't wanna hear of miracles or days of rest
And besides, Billy's a vegan.
The rest of us we're not drinkers.
What would we do with all that booze anyway"?

I saw God.
Barely an hour ago, it seemed he'd lost his disciples.
So I inquired what they looked like.
He answered me "hippies".
"Good God". He spoke to himself underneath his breath.
If we ever get out of this alive somebody sure as hell
Is gonna get crucified.

I saw God, looking out over the crowds as his prediction came true.
He never thought for one moment that he'd ever get caught.
Guessed it was gonna be me or you.
I saw God, and he tipped me a wink as he was hanging from the cross.
Said "don't worry Dave I'm gonna live for evermore".
I tell you what, I believed him.

I saw God, I saw him.
I saw God, I saw him.
I saw God.
I saw him.
I know it was him.