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I Know I'm Blue/Narcotic Rag/Reading Prison Reel

I know I'm sad. I don't feel much like a man.
I know I'm sickening for someone to understand.
I know I'm standing all alone.
I know I'm blue. I can't help it man.

They say I'm wicked. I've done so many wrongs.
I know I'm weakening. I'm not very strong.
My Ma 'n' Pa'll disown me.
I know my chances have all gone.

Five hundred bucks a head.
That's what they pay alive or dead.
Marco Polo pushing freaks like me.
Don't care for society.

Posters for sale. L.S.D.
Cats with hair down to their knees
Trying to make an honest dime
But the pigs all say that it's a crime.

If you wanna help 'em along.
Well when I play just sing this song.
Perhaps we could get pot for free.
Just sing along this song with me.

Hero I don' wanna be.
Just legalize it. set me free.
Let me walk away from Reading Jail.