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Heading For New York

Head me on down that road.
Let me unhitch my load.
If East is East and West is West
I won't argue. You know best.

Build a bonfire in the barn.
Say goodbye to this old farm.
Goodbye Mama. Goodbye Pa.
Goodbye friends and goodbye past.

Spinning wheels and flaming fires
Fill my heart up with desire.
Time to go and pack my trunk
What time's left maybe get drunk.

I can't stand another day.
Gotta get out anyway.
Kiss goodbye to Suzie and Jade.
make sure all my dues are paid.

Think I'll head off to New York.
Where the money's good and the blues they talk.
There's a stairway to heaven there I am told.
Every rainbow's lined with gold.

Got my bags and got my fair.
I'll write home when I get there.
Seal my letters with a kiss.
Seal my future. Seal my fate.