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Hate Song

Well there's a place that's not too far from here
Where the kids on the street don't know the word for fear
The make molotov cocktails just for something to do
But if you step out of line they'll throw 'em at you.

There's a madman out East who'd give his all for the bomb.
Well I've got a plan to give us all some fun.
Why don't we grant his wish and make him really mad.
Send up the planes and nuke Baghdad.

Well Saturday night the kids get lushed on beers.
Go Pakki bashing or beat up some queers.
Life gets weary after dark.
For kicks they like to rape a nun in the park.

The superpowers have all gone insane.
But at the end of the day who are we gonna blame?
The Iron Curtain may be a thing of the past
But Zen said "all bad like good will pass"