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The Great American Dream

Forty hours a week in this downtown dime store
My boss who's queer gives me the eye from the front door
That's not all, he's a real jerk and that's for sure
In fact I don't need his loving, I think I'll go out an' get me a Job on a factory floor.

Friday night the drive in movie seems such a good idea
I'll pull me a broad, who knows? Maybe take her for a beer
Or a candy or popcorn, what the hell? It beats that goddamned queer
I could take her back to my pad
Show her just what I've got to offer

Fall in love, Who knows? Maybe later get wed
Make a family. I know. It's old hat, it's already bin said
I'd wear the pants an' she could wash up an' make the bed
But that's just the great American dream
An' that's the way I see it now from where I'm standing

My brand new Cadillac that I bought from the showroom this morning it's ran out of gas
Can't go to the drive-in, so the bar- man fits an early glass
Even the jukebox is beginning to drive me mad
Oh no not Dean Martin again an' he's singing that same ol' wine drinking song an' it's driving me crazy.