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Ten p.m. we were down at the bar.
Midnight, I drove home alone in my car.
One a.m. tomorrow, eureka tomorrow it's here,
I said I'd call her up and we could go out for a beer.
But when I called her up she busied her head,
She had to stay in, wash and iron instead,
An' we agreed that maybe some other time.
When we were both free then a date would be fine.
Ah, what does she think I am a schmuk or something?

Now I'm not macho, but I'm nobodies fool.
I decided that I'd play it real cool.
I sent her flowers like they do on TV.
An' I waited an' waited an' waited in vain for her to contact me.
But she didn't call up didn't go to the bar.
I still drove home alone at night in my car.
An when at last again we finally met
She denied all knowledge of the flowers I'd sent.
She denied the flowers. Amnesia.

I stayed cool until I almost froze.
In fact I must've stayed cool for nearly three weeks or even more.
Then one night the timing seemed just about right to take a second chance
To ask her out on that date I've been singing about for the last two minutes that we never had.
I made it, she said "yeh".
W e made it on her two foot six bed.
We had a whirlwind three weekend love affair,
And then she left me and went home to her ma
And then she left me "Bye bye".

Well the moral of this story, my thought for today.
If you fall in love and things aren't going your way
Don't be romantic, don't be cool.
Don't stick around indefinitely being some dumb broads fool.
Go straight out an' hit the first singles bar.
Don't drive home alone at night in your car.
Pull any number, pull any trick,
An' believe me man I've played that game,
Believe me man I've played that game,
Believe me man I've played that game, I know where it's at.