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Dem Inner City Blues

I know a place not far from here
Where the kids on the street don't know fear.
They make molotov cocktails for something to do
And if you step out of line they'll throw 'em at you.

I got no time for peace and love and all that stuff.
Where I come from everybody's tough.
Show me that two fingered peace sign,
I'll take both of those fingers, poke 'em in both of your eyes.

When Jehovah's Witness' bang on my door
I greet them as their English tea I pour.
I switch on the video and the TV. set
And make 'em watch Death Wish from the start to the end.

I hate everything that's good.
I think robin Hood's a poof.
I hate boy scouts, girl guides too.
On bob a job week here's what I do.

When I was younger on Christmas Eve
I'd wait for Mam and Dad to sleep.
Then light the fire and throw on logs
With the hope that I'd burn Santa Claus.

I make then both strip to the skin
Then send the young lad from the room.
I hide a penny on the little girl. scout
And film 'em both trying to get it out.

When life gets weary after dark
I like to rape a nun in the park,
Or on Saturday night after too many beers
I go Paki bashing or beat up some queers.

There's a man out East who'd give his all for the bomb.
I've a plan to have some real fun.
Let's grant his wish, let's make him mad.
Send up the planes, let's nuke Baghdad.

The superpowers have all gone mad can't you see.
George, Mikeal and John Mauger make three.
It weren't the bird in the bush thought that feathered the bed.
It was the one in the sky that shit on Gorby's head.