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December Night

It was a cold and dark December night
When she first came into my life.
Though she was cold as ice, I knew that I had the fire.
But then the nightingale began to sing
As the wintertime turned into spring.
She melted, with the warmth of my desire.

When I took her home that first night
I stretched my arm to dim sown the light,
She seemed so nervous, something was obviously missing.
But I held on tight to the reins.
She was a wild horse I'd just have to tame.
An' when I pulled her in tight, I knew I was winning.

At last, she finally opened her soul
She confessed, she was never quite sure,
If I loved her for her mind or for her body.
She still can't understand,
What she's got that appeals to a man
That would make him want to stay with her forever.

Well I ran my fingers through her hair,
An' I whispered the words, she wanted to hear.
An' I knew, she knew, I wasn't lying.
When the work bus passed at the break of dawn
We were still in each others arms.
She admitted what before she'd been denying.

Time passed, she had to go away.
As long as live I won't forger that day.
The way she looked at me I knew that time wasn't wasted.
It was a love that we both needed so bad
But fate and misfortune said we couldn't have.
And it left this lonely heart completely vacated.

From time to time somebody mentions her name,
And I find it hard to soothe the pain.
That will ache inside these aching bones forever.
But then I think of all the good times we had
And the happiness replaces what was just sad,
And my body fills with warmth and joy and laughter.