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Death of a Nation

Two years have past now.
Two years since the death of a once great nation.
Like an unknown planet.
Hard to understand what it all meant.
Only a minority survived to prevent it happening again.

No longer are there soldiers to fight.
No longer are there students to protest.
They don't seem to realise that by losing they won.
By losing a million lives they won their wisdom.
Now they know the meaning of the word peace.
A word that once blew in the wind.

These people no longer speak of war.
Now they have dreams in their sleep.
No longer nightmares from the past.
Or the thoughts of never waking up.

To them the word war is a chapter from a history book.
A chapter which explained to them that too much blood has been shed already.
And must not be shed again.

These people have lost their relatives.
They lost everything they had to love.
These people lost a nation.
But a nation learnt a lesson.

Written February 1969