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Bun of Hair

Rick O'Shea and Delores were lovers.
They lived on the outskirts of town.
Rick was a fitter and turner.
Delores wore her hair in a bun.
Rick used his spare time at the factory
To make tools of destruction and doom
While his boss turned his eye for good reason.
They both knew which side the other was on.

Patrick and Bernadette O'Shea
Taught their son from when he was young
Not to back down from what he believed in
And to fight for the things that are wrong.
While the parents of sweet young Delores
Liked to think that they still had the edge.
With a more logical method of thinking
They were better than anyone else.

Rick O'Shea went on a sortie
With some friends in the dead of the night.
If you asked them they'd blame it on religion
But if the truth was known they needed no reason to fight.
While Delores sat at home with her knitting.
She was making a colourful shawl
For the baby she carried inside her.
For the baby that wasn't yet born.

The next morning the front door flew open
And the sound of gunshots filled the air
As a bullet pierced deep into Rick's heart
And another caught the tight bun of hair.
Of Delores who was saved by that twist of fate.
Now her baby's grown into a man
And she's taught him to stand up for what he believes
And to fight for the things that are wrong.