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Beautiful Dreamer

I saw your picture in the daily rag, standing out so brave and bold,
Not content with a page three spread, you took the whole damn centrefold.
Seems like only yesterday those long shots were merely dreams.
Now you're pullin' shots from all directions for the whole damn world to see.

Beautiful dreamer won't you open up your eyes
Before you drift away into pastel shades of infinity,
Or come down to earth with such a bang it'll hurt so bad
For ever more, you'll never be the same again.
You've still got time, and time alone will prove
You've always been what you are now
An' you won't need no hype an' you won't need no sham
Cos in a few years time no-one's gonna give a damn
'Bout a face that pops up now and again
On the cover of a back street magazine.

That looks kinda familiar, but they don't know where from.
Maybe a walk on in a TV. show or an advert for a catalogue gown.
You've got all the right credentials, make sure you don't overstep your mark
With your ego an' self confidence