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The Ballad of Mary Louis and Buck Williams

It's two-o-clock in the morning
And the night has just began.
The strip joints are rolling in money
And it's money that gives them their fun.

But Mary Louise and Buck Williams
Two lovers from the South part of town
Ain' as happy as all the rest.
P'haps they ain't lovers now.

Next morning the body of Mary
Is found in a lonely back street.
Buck Williams is held in the deputies office
For murder in first degree.

Mary Louise was not wealthy
An' she asked for just one thing in life.
To be loved by the man who was locked behind bars
And accused of stealing her right.

To live on this earth quite contented,
With the things she had, no more or less.
Than the things she had worked all her life for.
And the things her dead mother possessed.

Buck Williams was still only twenty
he'd never held a gun in his life
Unless he was the one who had murdered
Young Mary Louise last night.

The courtroom it seemed very empty.
No witnesses to testify.
A press man, judge, jury, Buck Williams,
And a few scattered policemen outside.

The judge looked down at Buck Williams
'N' said "tell me, what happened last night.
Your views, reasons, don't miss out a single thing.
For your good the facts must come to light".

Buck Williams looked with his tear filled eyes.
Said "I'm sorry this is why it was done.
I found she was living a life of sin
And doing the things that are wrong".

And he cried out "oh Lord please forgive me
For this terrible crime I have done.
The one I once loved and I trusted.
Now she's gone.

Though I was the one who she wanted
And loved with her heart and her soul.
Her body was kept for the men in white shirts
Who were branded in riches and gold.

These the things that I never played with,
But you honour, I must deny
I killed Mary Louise for the love of it.
I'd still love her here by my side".

And so the judge looked again at Buck Williams
Said "I'm sorry but the verdict must stand.
Your guilty of murder in first degree,
On the first Monday morning you'll hang".

On the first Monday morning was a hanging
And Buck Williams hung in the sun.
But Mary Louise and Buck Williams are still lovers
In a place where all's forgotten and gone.