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Apologies To You

If you could see my face right now
I'm stone cold sober with a big long frown
Cos I can see what's going through your mind.
Oh no he's not tryin' to sing again.
We had enough of that at the party's end.
But I swear I'm gonna do a damn sight better this time.

I was ten  parts drunk as I let you all know,
An' ten  parts tired which must've shown
Which left no room to reflect the real me.
So I'm begging you "please don't think I'm always that bad.
Already the memory is driving me mad,
Cos a drunk an' a lush I just don't wanna be known as.

If I could go back just two days
I'd be drinkin' cokes and lemonades.
I swear I'd never let me get that stoned.
But what's done is done, it's too late now.
I just hope you can see how bad I feel
An' the reason why I wrote this little song.

Well I must confess can't remember after four.
But when I rose Sunday Carole let me know the score.
She must've died a dozen deaths as she sat by my side.
As I moaned and fumbled with your Spanish guitar.
It made your cat sound like a superstar.
She must've looked all through it for a corner in which to hide.

So I'm sorry Brenda, Victor and Ann
And for anybody else who had to suffer the pain.
But there's a consolation, I could never follow you.
If I rant much longer this'll get to be a bore
So I hope this time you've enjoyed my song
And realise my apologies are sincere and true.